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Chocolate & Wine

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Enjoy a wine and chocolate pairing experience, build your own tasting experience or let the kids indulge in a chocolate and milk tasting platter. Woo Chocolates and Dionysus Winery are located in Murrumbateman, just a thirty minute drive from Canberra.

Taste Bud Boogie

Take the Taste Bud Boogie taste trail between Murrumbateman and Gundaroo from 6 to 14 April. Stop at Dionysus Winery to unlock the secrets of flavour and texture with our Wine & Cheese or Chocolate Pairing. Enjoy your choice of cheese or chocolate matched with wine and explore how these two elements interact to bring out the best in both. 

Bringing the kids? Great! We created the kids their own tasting experience, with three flavoured milks matched with chocolate. 

For more information on the Taste Bud Boogie and to enjoy the taste experiences from our collaborating partners, visit

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Chocolate & Wine
Tasting Experience

At Woo Chocolates, we believe in the power of a good pairing. We offer a unique experience that pairs four wines from Dionysus Winery with handmade artisan chocolates. Our chocolates are made with the wines from the winery in the filling, offering a taste sensation unlike any other. With the pairing experience, you will explore how the acidity, fats, sweetness and texture in both elements enhances the tasting experience for both chocolate and wine. Come by and experience the delight that is Woo Chocolates at Dionysus Winery.

Chocolate and Wine Tasting Diomysus Winery
Chocolate and Wine

Build your own
Chocolate Tasting

At Woo Chocolates, we strive to create a unique experience for our customers. Our goal is to provide a wide range of delicious and unique chocolates that you can enjoy and share (or not) with your loved ones. Whether you're looking for a special treat or just want to indulge in the luxury of cream fillings, caramels and toffees, we have something for everyone. As well as wine, we also offer a variety of hot drinks, including our hot chocolate melting spoons, so you can explore the unique flavours of our chocolates. Come visit us and discover the perfect treat for any occasion.

Kids Chocolate & Milk
Tasting Platter

At Woo Chocolates and Dionysus Winery, we are passionate about creating a unique chocolate experience for everyone. We understand that chocolate is enjoyed by people of all ages, and that’s why we offer something special for children.


Our chocolate and matching flavoured milk platter is perfect for youngsters, and is served in cute porcelain milk jugs. We strive to make sure that every member of the family enjoys a sweet and memorable experience with Woo Chocolates. To book use the wine & chocolate tasting option and select kids tasting.

Kid's chocolate and milk tastin platter
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